Creative Interior Plant Design and Interior Garden Services

Interior Plant Installation

We install interior office plant projects of qll size using the highest quality interior plants and materials. Our team of professional specialists handles every element of the indoor plant installation. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when installing plants in your office space. All work is completed promptly, efficiently and with the minimal amount of disruption to your office.

Interior Plant Design

Our plant specialists bring beautiful interior plants to your commercial environment. We develop custom interior plant designs to reflect their company image & personality, while at the same time complementing the décor.

Throughout the interior plant design process, our specialists work closely with our clients to strike the perfect balance of design aesthetics, correct interior plant choice for the space and, of course, within budget. Our interior plant design proposal will be accompanied by digital images to illustrate the best interior plants and containers we recommend for your space.

Our complimentary consultation consists of:

      • Brief sit-down to review needs and budget.
      • Check light levels.
      • Learn your tastes, desires and design preferences.
      • Review the layout and size of your facility for proper plant selection.
      • Review the architecture, colors and textures of the workspace.

Upon completion, we prepare a interiorscape design for your review and to will revise it as necessary until it’s satisfies your needs.

Interior Plant Service

Our staff of experienced specialists are tasked with maintaining the health and lush appearance of your interior plants. Our interior plant maintenance service and Guaranteed Replacement Program features a guarantee on all plants under contract. Your plants will be watered, fertilized, cleaned and trimmed on a set schedule by our professionally trained specialists. Any office plant that loses its healthy & beautiful appearance will be replaced at no cost to you.

Interior Plant Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team performs regular inspections of every interior plant and notifies you of any observations or concerns about your interior plants or about our interior plant service that you might have. We believe that recurring visits and open communication work together to ensure your interior plants remain vibrant!

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